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The Sounds that Roam at Night tells the story of five different people around the world hearing mysterious sounds all at the same time. As the player takes on the role of these five witnesses, the game gets more eerie and mysterious. The player will not get an answer for what these sounds are, the game should provoke some thoughts and keep the player thinking

(still a Prototype only with features of the game!!!!!)

Press 1,2,3,4,5 to switch the Scenes! You can pick up Cubes and look around, walk around and jump around.

And take care of the high volume of the game, I am sorry :D

Have fun!

A Game Prototype in Development by Nils Mahn, Anne Zarnecke, Kolja Hubatsch, Moritz Ratajczak, Hannah Pollow

Install instructions

Extraxt the rar. file and start the exe! :)


The_Sounds_that_roam_at_Night.rar (9 MB)

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