A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a bachelor project.

Theme of the Bachelor Thesis:
"From compromise to art form - how can low poly be defined as a graphic stylistic device in the current context and in the game industry?"


This is the Game of Life and Death.

You, the Player, is in the Role of Life as a Bird. Your Task is it to reach the red mountain to get to your child, who was taken away by Death. On your way you have to pass obstacles, bring living beings to life and spread your wings.


W,A,S,D = move
SHIFT = be faster
E = Revive


3 Key Features: 

  • Revive the living beings on earth to get back your flying power 
  • Fly further and higher with each revived living being 
  • Learn more about the history of Life


This is a bachelor project, developed from 04.11.2019 to 12.01.2019 (Duration: 9 weeks) by Hannah Pollow
Great Programming and Emotional Support by Jörg Sroka.
Voices by Jörg Sroka (Narrator/Death) and Viviane Friedländer (Life / Child)


Github - Link:


Have fun playing this game!
Any Questions? Ask me on hanndragggon@gmail.com or on Twitter

This game was created at the Game Design // UE at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

The bachelor project was supervised by Prof. Sebastian Stamm and Prof Csongor Baranyai at the Wintersemester 2019/20 at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE Germany)
University of Applied Sciences Europe

Known Bugs: 

It may encounter a bug when going back to main menu and restarting the game from the main menu... Please restart the whole application! 

Jumping on the revived animals may take yu up to the sky and you will never come back.

Updated 5 days ago
Published 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorHannah Pollow
Tags3D, flying, Low-poly, Unity

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and start the .exe :)


V.0.1 - GameOfLIfeandDeath - WIN.zip 27 MB
v.0.2 - GameOfLIfeandDeath - WIN.zip 24 MB
v.0.2_- GameOfLIfeandDeath - MAC.zip 26 MB
v.0.3 - GameOfLIfeandDeath - MAC.zip 26 MB
v.0.3 - GameOfLIfeandDeath - WIN.zip 24 MB
v.0.5 - GameOfLIfeandDeath - MAC.zip 63 MB
v.0.6 - GameOfLIfeandDeath - WIN.zip 61 MB
v.07 - GameOfLIfeandDeath - WIN.zip 95 MB
v.0.99999 - GameofLifeandDeath - WIN.zip 117 MB
v.1.0 - GameOfLifeAndDeath- WIN.zip 117 MB
v.1.0 - GameOfLifeAndDeath - MAC.zip 119 MB


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this game have deep story..

Thank you very much for playing it <3 I enjoyed watching your video :DD The first recorded video to one of my games ever!!


this game have beauty story .. ... never give up  by queen ...ps i working tester for lobby game ... :P


Very nice. During the flashback I get stuck after stepping on the small thing that appears when interacting with the black or red thing at the top. it elevates me into the sky and i can fly but no idea where to. Multi-jump controls are kind of broken - had to use mountains/ledges to get up. I feel ya - the standard Unity Third Person Controller isn't that great :/ Voice could have been more dream/epic effect with reverb effect (perhaps tweaking in-unity AudioSource settings would be enough - else audacity) But the voice was nice and telling-somebody-a-story like. Aesthetics are very nice. Looking forward to your future projects!

Hello iwanPlays, thanks for your comment :D
I just uploaded the old (not functional versions) so my teachers can see my progress during the last weeks :) I recently uploaded the newer and functional version (v.0.99999 whatsoever). I hope, a lot of things will be fixed there.
The voices were done by friends and with more reverb, they sounded kinda weird, so that's why I left it as it was. And yeah, you know Unity... its kinda hard xD

Thank you a lot for playing it!